Sales Commissions For Chargify

Are you looking for a way to calculate sales commissions using Chargify?
Sales Cookie works with Chargify to calculate sales commissions.

4 Reasons To Choose Sales Cookie

Chargify handles all your billing - from subscription management to revenue analytics. Sales Cookie automates sales commissions. Run calculations and publish results. All your reps or agents get a personalized commission dashboard.

  Approved Chargify Partner
  Easily Manage Commission Plans
  Run Accurate Commission Calculations
  Each Sales Rep Gets A Dashboard

Automate Your Sales Commissions

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Sales Cookie + Chargify


Use our step-by-step interactive wizard to design sales incentive plans. Perhaps you have quotas, tiers, splits, draws, or formulas? We can handle all of those.


Leverage invoices and payment data within Chargify to calculate commissions. Data is always accurate and calculations correct.


Submit any plan for calculation. We'll credit users or teams, and calculate all commissions using available Chargify data. Your reps are paid on time.


Increase sales motivation and commission transparency by giving each rep a dashboard. Your reps can even review their commissions on the go!

Sales Cookie In a Nutshell

Sales Cookie Solves Issues Related to Sales Commission Programs And Provides:

  • A personal dashboard for each rep.
  • Fast & easy commission calculations
  • An awesome incentive plan designer
  • Automated participant enrollment
  • Easy payout review & processing
  • Streamlined dispute management
  • How to legally protect incentive plans
  • How to comply with accounting rules
  • And much, much more


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Integration Work?

Import historical invoices using CSV, then configure Zapier to automatically sync new invoices. Our team is working on delivering a fully native integration by October 1st, 2019.

Is Sales Cookie an Official Chargify Partner?

Yes. Sales Cookie is currently enrolled in Chargify's official partner program.

Is Any Coding Required For The Integration?

Coding is NOT required to use Chargify and Sales Cookie together.